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SINCE 2000


Don Sazon started as one man's dream to create a delectable line of high-quality seasonings to share with his family, friends and the public. In July of the year 2000, the dream became a reality and Don Sazon began producing many of the wonderful seasonings people have come to know, love and enjoy using in their kitchens every day. 


While the line of products has expanded through the years, Don Sazon has stayed true to its original goal by delivering the highest quality to our customers that help add a unique and flavorful culinary experience to their life.

Today, Don Sazon’s products can be found in all major supermarkets and meat markets in nine states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington.

“Do everything, but do everything right.” - Antonio Salazar


Born and raised in the Sierra Maestra Mountains of Cuba, the young Antonio Salazar headed to Manzanillo in pursuit of new opportunities. Fast forward to 1968, Antonio, along with his wife Miriam, made the courageous chose to take their family out of Cuba in pursuit of a better life and unlimited opportunities that lay waiting for them in the USA.  The decision came with huge consequences.  The Cuban government seized everything they owned, sentenced Antonio to over three years of hard labor in a concentration camp and created unimaginable hardships on the family. Fast forward to 1972, their dream became a reality as they flew out on the last flight of refugees sent to America from Cuba.  They reunited with family living in Los Angeles, California and have remained there ever since.

Perseverance is synonymous with Antonio’s nature and helped lead him through a series of business adventures that ultimately landed him a job in the seasoning industry.  In 2000, he decided it was time to create his own line of spices influenced by his own taste pallet and passion for cooking and so began the start of Don Sazon.  It is Antonio’s natural ability to blend spices and seasonings in a special way that makes using Don Sazon seasonings a life-changing changing experience!


In 2005, Victor Salazar left his successful career in human resources to work with his father at Don Sazon. He wanted to learn all the aspects of the business and took on the challenge of building their Northern California distribution by going from market to market until Don Sazon became the well-known product that it is today in the region. In 2009, after establishing the company up north, Victor relocated to Los Angeles to serve as the General Manager of Don Sazon and continues in that capacity today. Like his father, his focus and passion are to deliver high-quality seasonings that add the perfect amount of spice to your life.

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